Introductory: Foundation and first year undergraduates

Brand Repositioning Within the Fashion Industry, Jongeun Rhee and Kim K. P. Johnson (Scenario case)

Branding Strategies for Gentle Monster: Enhancing Brand Equity, Ho Jung Choo, Woobin Kim (Public case)

Can Gap Come Back?, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Cause for Collaboration, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation: Native American-inspired Jewelry Design, Celia Stall-Meadows (Scenario case)

Dealing with Toxic Consumers: New Balance’s Dilemma, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Faux, Faux Fur: Responding to Supply Chain Crises, Myles Ethan Lascity (Scenario case)

Kickstarting a Brand: Using Crowdfunding to Launch a Brand, Marie Segares and Eda Sanchez-Persampieri (Scenario case)

Louis Vuitton Versus My Other Bag: Luxury Brand Protection, Agnieszka Witońska-Pakulska (Public case)

lululemon athletica: Production and Quality Assurance, Leslie Davis Burns and Kathy K. Mullet (Public case)

Only Bright Lights for Uniqlo?, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Rsport: Quality over Quantity for the Plus Sized Market, Addie Martindale (Field case)

The Changing Shape of Hairdressing: Case Study of The Francesco Group, Lindsay Pressdee (Public case)

The Future for Under Armour: Maintaining Brand Equity, Lisa Hodgkins (Public case)

Intermediate: Mid to upper level undergraduates

A Competitive Dilemma, Advance or Retreat?, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

A Concerning Environment?: Outdoor Retailers Wade into Political Frays, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Abercrombie & Fitch's Brand & Store Positioning, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Approaching CSR with a New Kind of Transparency: How eCommerce Retailer Everlane Set New Industry Standards in Brand Communication, Nina Bürklin (Public case)

Benetton's Corporate Image, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Bigger than the Brand: When a Social Media Messenger Overshadows its Fashion Brand, Camille Kraeplin, Rosanne Hart (Public case)

Branding Strategies for Handsome: Increasing Brand Value, Ho Jung Choo and Hyunok An (Public case)

Building Online Engagement at Sephora, Jingyi Wang and Michael Beverland (Public case)

Corporate-owned Stores Versus Franchising for Comfort Cloud Shoes, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Creative Kids Wear’s Short Run, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Death by Nylon: Managing Communications in a Facebook Brand Community, Tony Cooper (Public case)

Digital Heritage Storytelling at Mulberry, Amanda Grace Sikarskie (Public case)

Epigram: Lifestyle Merchandising and Brand Management, GiHyung, Kim & YoungJee, Suh (Field case)

Giorgio Armani and Utilizing the Red Carpet, Thea Macdonald (Public case)

H&M Under Attack: How Greenpeace Threatened a Brand’s Reputation in Sustainability, Rosanne P. Hart, APR, M.A. and Camille Kraeplin, Ph.D. (Public case)

Heritage Brand Collaborations and Co-brandings: Pendleton Woolen Mills, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Making Fashion Transparent: What Consumers Know About the Brands They Admire, Iva Jestratijevic and Nancy A. Rudd (Public case)

Modern Luxury: How Gucci Rebranded, Refreshed and Re-invented Itself into a Cult-following, Zabrena Lopez and Michael B Beverland (Public case)

Omni-channel Storytelling the Reformation Way, Kat Duffy and Karinna Nobbs (Public case)

Radical Retailer: The Retail Strategy of Rei Kawakubo, Kat Duffy and Karinna Nobbs (Public case)

Refinery29 Recharged: Brand Boosting the Digital Mediasphere, Patti Jordan (Public case)

Renewing a Global Brand: FILA, GiHyung, Kim & YoungJee, Suh (Public case)

Revitalising Charity Retailing: Mary’s Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children: Putting the ‘Luxe’ into Charity Shops by Implementing the Key Principles of Retailing, Erica Charles (Public case)

The Case of Ancient Greek Sandals: Ethnic Heritage and Celebrity Endorsement, Elena Chatzopoulou (Field case)

The Cooperative Advertising Fiasco, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Face Shop: The Market Leader Transforming the Landscape of the Korean Cosmetics Industry, Sunwoo Kim (Public case)

The Fashion Retail Market in Singapore: Discovering the Challenges of Local Brands through a Collaborative Work Structure, Michael Charles Daniel Rezandi and Cheong Wei Quan (Field case)

The Hiut Denim Company – Is One Product Enough?, Clare McTurk (Public case)

The Impact of the Influencer, Anna Fenlon (Scenario case)

The SALT GYPSY Brand Community, Lisa R Kjerulf and Michael B. Beverland (Public case)

Who Owns Genuine UGG / UGG® boots in the Global Footwear Marketplace?, Rachel Matthews (Public case)