Introductory: Foundation and first year undergraduates

A Story of Target Guest Service, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Field case)

Consumer Reaction and Perception of the Physical, Visual Presentation of Debenhams’ Discounting: Prime Trading Versus Sale Visual Merchandising Standards, Lesley Taylor (Public case)

Dealing with Toxic Consumers: New Balance’s Dilemma, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Diego's Faces Fashion Slump, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Fabric Choices for Brooks Brothers’ Made-to-Measure Dress Shirts, Leslie Davis Burns and Kathy K. Mullet (Public case)

FABSCRAP: Building Stakeholder Awareness for Reducing Fashion Industry Waste, Margaret L. Bishop (Field case)

Fast Fashion and the Environment, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

International Strategies for Cosmetics Companies: KOLMAR Korea, Janghyun Kim and Ilhyun Bae (Public case)

Middleton's Department Store Loyalty Programme, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Stitchfix, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

The Changing Shape of Hairdressing: Case Study of The Francesco Group, Lindsay Pressdee (Public case)

The Future for Under Armour: Maintaining Brand Equity, Lisa Hodgkins (Public case)

Today's Woman: The Buyer's Personal Decision, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)


Intermediate: Mid to upper level undergraduates

A Concerning Environment?: Outdoor Retailers Wade into Political Frays, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Anna Laurel Designs, Inc.: Marketing Strategy for the Future, Nancy A. Oliver (Scenario case)

Anthropologie, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Building Online Engagement at Sephora, Jingyi Wang and Michael Beverland (Public case)

JCPenney’s ‘Fair & Square’ Pricing Strategy a Bust: Back to the Basics for the Win!, Amy J. Shane-Nichols & Jessica L. Hurst (Public case)

Project September: The New Diversity in the Social Marketing of Cosmetics, Amanda Grace Sikarskie (Public case)

Selfridges and the Evolution of Bricks and Mortar Retail, Beth White (Public case)

Sneakerboy: Giving Luxury Retail a Digital Up-Grade, Rachel Matthews (Public case)

The SALT GYPSY Brand Community, Lisa R Kjerulf and Michael B. Beverland (Public case)

The Small Store Dilemma, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)