Introductory: Foundation and first year undergraduates

Carter’s®, Inc. and Organic Cotton, Leslie Davis Burns and Kathy K. Mullet (Public case)

Collusion to Catch Anti-trust Offenders, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation: Native American-inspired Jewelry Design, Celia Stall-Meadows (Scenario case)

Customer or Competitor?: Merchandising Underwear, Lorynn Divita (Scenario case)

Design Piracy Within the Fashion Industry, Jongeun Rhee and Kim K. P. Johnson (Public case)

Dries Van Noten and Sustainable Luxury Fashion, Annette Condello (Public case)

FABSCRAP: Building Stakeholder Awareness for Reducing Fashion Industry Waste, Margaret L. Bishop (Field case)

Fast Fashion and the Environment, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Faux, Faux Fur: Responding to Supply Chain Crises, Myles Ethan Lascity (Scenario case)

H&M Post-Rana Plaza: Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Truly Ethical?, David S. Waller and Helen J. Waller (Public case)

Indigenous Designs Corp – Commitment to Eco Fashion, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Kowtow: Adding a Unisex/Gender Neutral Collection, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Lenzing Group and Eileen Fisher, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Louis Vuitton Versus My Other Bag: Luxury Brand Protection, Agnieszka Witońska-Pakulska (Public case)

Natural or Synthetic Dyes? The Preservation of Indigenous Textile Dyeing Techniques, Luis Quijano and Matalie Howard (Public case)

Nudie Jeans – Sustainable Denim Finishes, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Revamping a Clothing Collection Program – UNIQLO, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Security Breaches and Consumer Trust: Can Saks Fifth Avenue Recover?, Meredith Mosley and Lorynn Divita (Public case)

Should Everlane Pursue Becoming a B Corporation™?, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Supply Chain Compliance in the Fashion Industry, Michael P. Londrigan (Scenario case)

The Fabric Problem, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Flannel Organic Fiber Fiasco, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Knockoff, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

To Go or to Stay: Ethics in the Workplace, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)


Intermediate: Mid to upper level undergraduates

‘D&G Go Home Now!’ A Case Analysis in Cultural Sensitivities, Local Awareness and Customer Relations for Luxury Brands Operating in Overseas Markets, Anne Peirson-Smith (Public case)

A Concerning Environment?: Outdoor Retailers Wade into Political Frays, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Benetton's Corporate Image, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Celebrity Fragrances, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Conscious Step: Marketing Socks to Fight Poverty, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Creating a Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brand, Debbie Moorhouse and Danielle Moorhouse (Field case)

H&M Under Attack: How Greenpeace Threatened a Brand’s Reputation in Sustainability, Rosanne P. Hart, APR, M.A. and Camille Kraeplin, Ph.D. (Public case)

Heritage Brand Collaborations and Co-brandings: Pendleton Woolen Mills, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Kathrine Baumann's Campaign Against Counterfeiting, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Licensing Pitfalls, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Making Fashion Transparent: What Consumers Know About the Brands They Admire, Iva Jestratijevic and Nancy A. Rudd (Public case)

Marketing Ethical, Sustainable, and Fair Trade Brands, Andrea Reyes (Public case)

Omni-channel Storytelling the Reformation Way, Kat Duffy and Karinna Nobbs (Public case)

Patagonia: Creative Sustainability Strategy for a Reluctant Fashion Brand, Rosemary Varley, Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and William Webb (Public case)

Picture Organic Clothing: Supply Chain Assurance and Transparency, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Re;code: Upcycling Deadstock Fabrics Into a Fashion Brand, Su Yeon Kim and Ae-Ran Koh (Field case)

Revitalising Charity Retailing: Mary’s Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children: Putting the ‘luxe’ into Charity Shops byI mplementing the Key Principles of Retailing, Erica Charles (Public case)

Scalability and LooptWorks: Excess Made Useful, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Sewing for the Soil: A Social Enterprise, Yoon-Jung Lee & Yoori Chae (Field case)

Silver Label Cashmere: Solving the Cashmere Crisis with Sustainable Cashmere, Virginia Grose (Scenario case)

Sourcing in Bangladesh: Deciding Which Supplier to Use, Luis Quijano and Matalie Howard (Scenario case)

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Luxury: The End of The Kering / Stella McCartney Partnership and New Beginnings on Old Bond Street, Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Rosemary Varley (Public case)

Strategies for lululemon athletica inc. to Decrease Their Environmental Impact, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Sustainable Packaging for Icebreaker, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Sustainability at Better Sweater: Knitwear Size Customization and the Triple Bottom Line, Sarah Portway and Susan P. Ashdown (Scenario case)

The Co-operative Advertising Fiasco, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Denim Dilemma at Velvet Sun Boutique, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Industry v The Indie: The Case of Zara v Tuesday Bassen: Fast Fashion, Unlawful Copying and Enamel Pins, Roxanne Peters (Public case)

Turning Ocean Plastics into Sustainable Product Innovations: The Strategic Collaboration of Adidas and Parley for the Oceans, Nina Bürklin (Public case)

Turtlebacks™: Using Artisan Collectives to Grow a Handmade Line, Marie Segares and Eda Sanchez-Persampieri (Field case)

Who Owns Genuine UGG / UGG® boots in the Global Footwear Marketplace?, Rachel Matthews (Public case)

Youngone Corporation: Global Sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility, Yoon-Jung Lee & Yoori Chae (Public case)


Advanced: Postgraduate

Fabindia: Fashion with Social Objectives: Strategy for an Iconic Indian Fashion Brand, Dinesh Kumar and Punam Gupta (Public case)

FABSCRAP: Scaling Operations for Greater Impact in Reducing Fashion Industry Waste, Margaret L. Bishop (Field case)

Gap Inc.’s Sourcing Dilemma: Stay or leave China, Sheng Lu (Public case)

Growth of Green Apparel Manufacturing Strategies in Bangladesh – The Sustainable Road Ahead, Maher Anjum and Lynne Hammond (Scenario case)

Textile Industry Versus Apparel Industry: Trade Policy in the World of Global Supply Chain: The Case of Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Dr Sheng Lu (Public case)

The Provenance of Fashion: Could a Tech Revolution in ‘Supply Chain Transparency’ Provide a Crucial Solution Towards Protecting Our Planet, Environment and Humanitarian Values?, Toby Clark (Public case)