Introductory: Foundation and first year undergraduates

Attracting Millennials to the Luxury Market, Serra John and Lorynn Divita (Public case)

Brand Identity as a Strategy for The Financial Sustainability of New Emerging Fashion Enterprises, Rosita binti Mohd. Tajuddin, Siti Fatimah binti Hashim (Scenario case)

Brand Repositioning Within the Fashion Industry, Jongeun Rhee and Kim K. P. Johnson (Scenario case)

Dealing With Toxic Consumers: New Balance’s Dilemma, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Descente’s Multi-brand and Localization Management Strategies, Koji Yoshimoto (Public case)

Diego's Faces Fashion Slump, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

International Strategies for Cosmetics Companies: KOLMAR Korea, Janghyun Kim and Ilhyun Bae (Public case)

Middleton's Department Store Loyalty Programme, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Only Bright Lights for Uniqlo?, Myles Ethan Lascity (Public case)

Rsport: Quality Over Quantity for the Plus Sized Market, Addie Martindale (Field case)


Intermediate: Mid to upper level undergraduates

‘D&G Go Home Now!’ A Case Analysis in Cultural Sensitivities, Local Awareness and Customer Relations for Luxury Brands Operating in Overseas Markets, Anne Peirson-Smith (Public case)

Abercrombie & Fitch's Brand & Store Positioning, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)

Adoption of the “See Now Buy Now” Business Model in the Fashion Industry: A Fashion Calendar Revolution, Jennifer Kyungeun Lee (Scenario case)

Anna Laurel Designs, Inc.: Marketing Strategy for the Future, Nancy A. Oliver (Scenario case)

Applying Circular Economy Principles in Luxury Fashion: Petit h, Patsy Perry and Hakan Karaosman (Public case)

Bigger than the Brand: When a Social Media Messenger Overshadows Its Fashion Brand, Camille Kraeplin, Rosanne Hart (Public case)

Brand Identity as a Strategy for The Financial Sustainability of New Emerging Fashion Enterprises, Rosita binti Mohd. Tajuddin, Siti Fatimah binti Hashim (Scenario case)

Branding Strategies for Handsome: Increasing Brand Value, Ho Jung Choo and Hyunok An (Public case)

Building a Lifestyle Brand Through Extensions: Bhumi Organic Cotton, Anjum Khan and Michael B. Beverland (Public case)

Building Online Engagement at Sephora, Jingyi Wang and Michael Beverland (Public case)

Conscious Step: Marketing Socks to Fight Poverty, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Death by Nylon: Managing Communications in a Facebook Brand Community, Tony Cooper (Public case)

Digital Heritage Storytelling at Mulberry, Amanda Grace Sikarskie (Public case)

Di$count Universe: Luxury Brand in a Post-Modern World, Michael Beverland (Public case)

Giorgio Armani and Utilizing the Red Carpet, Thea Macdonald (Public case)

Indochino, The Customer Experience from Online to Brick and Mortar: Shopping of the Future: Customization and Personalization in Menswear, Flora Brunetti (Public case)

Issues in Implementing 3D Technology: Good People Co. Ltd., Kyunghi HONG (Field case)

JCPenney’s ‘Fair & Square’ Pricing Strategy a Bust: Back to the Basics for the Win!, Amy J. Shane-Nichols & Jessica L. Hurst (Public case)

Marketing Ethical, Sustainable, and Fair Trade Brands, Andrea Reyes (Public case)

Max Wild’s Sporting Goods, David Loranger (Scenario case)

Patagonia: Creative Sustainability Strategy for a Reluctant Fashion Brand, Rosemary Varley, Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and William Webb (Public case)

Project September: The New Diversity in the Social Marketing of Cosmetics, Amanda Grace Sikarskie (Public case)

Refinery29 Recharged: Brand Boosting the Digital Mediasphere, Patti Jordan (Public case)

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Luxury: The End of The Kering / Stella McCartney Partnership and New Beginnings on Old Bond Street, Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Rosemary Varley (Public case)

The Case of Ancient Greek Sandals: Ethnic Heritage and Celebrity Endorsement, Elena Chatzopoulou (Field case)

The Denim Dilemma at Velvet Sun Boutique, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

The Fashion Retail Market in Singapore: Discovering the Challenges of Local Brands Through a Collaborative Work Structure, Michael Charles Daniel Rezandi and Cheong Wei Quan (Field case)

The Impact of the Influencer, Anna Fenlon (Scenario case)

The Lime-Green Colored Glove: Product Design and Development, and Buyer Liaison, Valerie Wilson Trower (Scenario case)

The Role of Heritage in Contemporary Global Luxury Branding, Tim Jackson (Public case)

To Commit or Not, the Retail Market in India, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Public case)


Advanced: Postgraduate