Introductory: Foundation and first year undergraduates

Faux, Faux Fur: Responding to Supply Chain Crises, Myles Ethan Lascity (Scenario case)

H&M Post-Rana Plaza: Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Truly Ethical?, David S. Waller and Helen J. Waller (Public case)

Should Everlane Pursue Becoming a B Corporation™?, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Supply Chain Compliance in the Fashion Industry, Michael P. Londrigan (Scenario case)


Intermediate: Mid to upper level undergraduates

Adoption of the “See Now Buy Now” Business Model in the Fashion Industry: A Fashion Calendar Revolution, Jennifer Kyungeun Lee (Scenario case)

Approaching CSR with a New Kind of Transparency: How eCommerce Retailer Everlane set New Industry Standards in Brand Communication, Nina Bürklin (Public case)

Making Fashion Transparent: What Consumers Know About the Brands they Admire, Iva Jestratijevic and Nancy A. Rudd (Public case)

Picture Organic Clothing: Supply Chain Assurance and Transparency, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Renewing a Global Brand: FILA, GiHyung, Kim & YoungJee, Suh (Public case)

Silver Label Cashmere: Solving the Cashmere Crisis with Sustainable Cashmere, Virginia Grose (Scenario case)

Sourcing in Bangladesh: Deciding Which Supplier to Use, Luis Quijano and Matalie Howard (Scenario case)

Strategies for lululemon athletica inc. to Decrease Their Environmental Impact, Leslie Davis Burns (Public case)

Sustainability at Better Sweater: Knitwear Size Customization and the Triple Bottom Line, Sarah Portway and Susan P. Ashdown (Scenario case)

To Reuse or Not: Tablecloth Re-manufacturing Model, Connie Ulasewicz (Field case)

Turning Ocean Plastics into Sustainable Product Innovations: The Strategic Collaboration of Adidas and Parley for the Oceans, Nina Bürklin (Public case)

Turtlebacks™: Using Artisan Collectives to Grow a Handmade Line, Marie Segares and Eda Sanchez-Persampieri (Field case)

Where Will Yongmei Go?, Nancy J Rabolt and Judy Miler (Scenario case)

Youngone Corporation: Global Sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility, Yoon-Jung Lee & Yoori Chae (Public case)


Advanced: Postgraduate