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Lauren Bowes

Source: Fashion Photography Archive, 2015, Fashion Photography Archive

Designer Biography

Martin Margiela

Casey Mackenzie Johnson

Source: Fashion Photography Archive, 2015, Fashion Photography Archive

Designer Biography

History of Classic Accessory Companies

Aneta Genova

Source: Accessory Design, 2012, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

Chapter Two tells the stories of six classic accessory companies—Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Roger Vivier, Ferragamo, Coach, and Manolo Blahnik—and their contributions to the fashion accessories industry. After reading this chapter, you will be able to recognize the products that are central to each company’s brand and how they have evolved over time.

Experiences Learned along the Way

Ira Neimark

Source: The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman, 2011, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

My relationships with the fashion press began with a shocker. In 1970 James Brady, the former publisher of Woman’s Wear Daily, sent a reporter to interview Randy Stambaugh, the president of B. Altman & Co. He asked, “Now that Best & Company is closing, when will that happen to B. Altman?” Randy Stambaugh, handsome and always the perfect gentleman, reminded me of a character out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. He may well have come close to losing his cool or temper but said nothing more than “Th


Beverly Chico

Source: The Berg Companion to Fashion, 2010, Berg Fashion Library

Encyclopedia entry

Prehistoric peoples probably wore woven basketry or hide head protectors; ancient Ethiopians used horse skulls, manes, and tails. Archaeological evidence reveals that rawhide caps and copper helmets, protecting ears and neck nape—with chin straps and padded wool or leather lining—were worn by Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian warriors during the third to first millennia B.C.E. Early Greek helmets were usually bronze hemispherical crowns. The Corinthian version incorporated a movable face mask; t

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!

Nancy Plummer

Source: Your Personal Style, 2009, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

“The accessory is always a delicate balance between good and bad taste. In other words, a handbag may either make or break an outfit.”

Applying Circular Economy Principles in Luxury Fashion: Petit h

Patsy Perry , Hakan Karaosman

Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases

Level: Intermediate

Business case

As one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, Hermès is known for its heritage and excellence in craftsmanship and materials. However, the pursuit of product excellence in order to maintain the high status of luxury brands often results in significant waste of raw materials. As one of the world’s most polluting industry sectors, fashion has come under increasing scrutiny in terms of its environmental responsibility, and many companies are engaging with a variety of initiatives to reduce the en

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