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Louis Vuitton (house)

Stephanie Edith Herold

Source: Fashion Photography Archive 2015

Designer Biography

Artists, Celebrity and Fashion: From Wilde and Warhol to Taylor-Wood

Pamela Church Gibson

Source: Fashion and Celebrity Culture 2012

Book chapter

An installation at the Venice Biennale of 2009 set out to provide a picture of, or commentary on, the contemporary art world. But it proved, in retrospect, as problematic as trying to portray or parody fashion on film. The Dutch and Nordic pavilions were twinned that year, to display linked installations created by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, two artists whose installation ‘The Collectors’ was intended, presumably, to illuminate the activity of that species. The Dutch Pavilion was created

Vuitton, Louis*

Alistair O’Neill

Source: The Berg Companion to Fashion 2010

Encyclopedia entry

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Results showing
1 - 3 of 3 (1 pages)
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