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Bodice and Blouse Designs

Connie Amaden-Crawford

Source: The Art of Fashion Draping, 5th Edition, 2018, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter + STUDIO

Bodice and blouse designsobjectivesBodice and blouse designsThe bodice and blouse designs in this group are kept simple and natural while the fabric is draped with the correct amount of ease and proportion. Projects explore how to release and manipulate the fabric into a design. Each design defines the style and silhouette over the bust, hip, and waist by emphasizing the use of folds, darts, pleats, fullness, empire seams, and halters, and at the same time, not overworking the fabric.

Special Body Forms, Live Models, and Contoured Styles

Lori A. Knowles

Source: The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses, and Women, 2005, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

Most body form manufacturers offer more than one style of body form for women. Standard body forms are designed for fitting “street wear,” which means clothing that is not closely fitted to the body, so they do not need to duplicate the exact shape of the human body. This type of form is less defined in the upper chest and rib cage area, and between the bust mounds, than a live model or a special body form. A “street wear” or regular dress form is fine for fitting blouses, shirts, skirts, and som

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1 - 2 of 2 (1 pages)
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