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Alberta Ferretti

Giulia Bussinello

Source: Fashion Photography Archive 2015

Designer Biography

The Fall and Rise of Erotic Lingerie

Dana Wilson-Kovacs

Source: Dressed to Impress. Looking the Part 2011

Book chapter

The ways in which the body is packaged and visually exhibited are an essential part of consumerism. With a tradition that can be traced back to the eve of modern times, consumerism cannot fully account for the unprecedented attention surrounding the clothing of the body, and the multitude of codes, readings and interpretations accompanying its display. The cultural practices that define the body influence its representations and contemporary ideas of femininity and masculinity. These ideas are re


Caroline Cox

Source: The Berg Companion to Fashion 2010

Encyclopedia entry


Grace Evans

Source: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. West Europe 2010

Encyclopedia entry

The fashionable silhouette has gone through bewildering changes during the last two hundred years, and these would not have been possible without the shapes created beneath. Underwear and outerwear progressed in tandem. Underwear designers responded to prevailing styles of fashionable dress, and fashion designers built and relied upon the capabilities of structural underpinnings as they developed. These changes were, in turn, influenced by key social, economic, and technological developments, whi

Feathered Lingerie: From the Stage to the Bedroom

Jean McElvain and Angelina Jones

Source: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. The United States and Canada 2010

Encyclopedia entry

In the United States circus theater began about the time of colonization, and in 1825 the introduction of portable tents and the construction of the transcontinental railroad made shows widely available. Women were an integral part of the circus, and their brazen and often-dangerous performances were a curiosity that drew patrons. However, the transient nature of circus performers, as well as the exhibitionism played out during their routines, often situated female performers as immoral. The ense

Classy Lingerie

Merl Storr

Source: Latex and Lingerie. Shopping for Pleasure at Ann Summers 2003

Book chapter

Sexual properties are as inseparable from class properties as the yellowness of a lemon is from its acidity […]. This is why there are as many ways of realizing femininity as there are classes and class fractions. (Bourdieu 1984: 107–8)

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Results showing
1 - 7 of 7 (1 pages)
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