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Emily M. Orr

Source: Fashion Photography Archive 2015

Designer Biography

French Fashion Photography, 1950 Onward

Muriel Berthou Crestey

Source: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. West Europe 2010

Encyclopedia entry

From the 1950s, technical developments reduced the weight of photographic equipment and so contributed to the metamorphosis of fashion photography. The use of the Rolleiflex, flashes that allowed artificial light, and the development of new printing methods played a key role internationally and also in the emergence of a “French school.” The styles of the Groupe des XV photographers such as Philippe Pottier, Robert Doisneau, and the Séeberger brothers, or Italians such as Edigio Scaïoni or Frank

Bourdin, Guy

Nancy Hall-Duncan

Source: The Berg Companion to Fashion 2010

Encyclopedia entry

Guy Bourdin was born in Paris. His mother abandoned him when he was still an infant, and he was alternately raised by his grandparents in Normandy and Paris and placed in a boarding school. Bourdin was the only child to the age of fifteen, when his brother, Michael, was born, and he spent much time in the solitary pursuits of reading and drawing.

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Results showing
1 - 3 of 3 (1 pages)
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