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Porn Chic

Annette Lynch

Source: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Global Perspectives, 2010, Berg Fashion Library

Encyclopedia entry

The mainstreaming of pornographic imagery into fashion and popular culture at the turn of the millennium in Britain and the U.S. signaled a dramatic cultural shift in the construction of both femininity and masculinity. For men and women, raunch became the new cool. This article draws from a diverse range of examples including film, popular tabloids, campus culture, mass-media marketing campaigns, Facebook profiles, and art exhibits to explore expressions and meanings of porn chic as embodied wit

Hair, Gender and Looking

Geraldine Biddle-Perry

Source: Hair. Styling, Culture and Fashion, 2008, Berg Fashion Library

Book chapter

Across cultures, hair is one of the most powerful symbols of our individual and collective identities. But historically and culturally it is arguably the sight of hair that makes its styling, cutting and dressing significant. Hair is our unique ‘species signal’ that in prehistory made us ‘visible from afar…. our great bushy heads on top of our smooth naked bodies identified us immediately as human. Our extravagant tresses were carried like a flag’ (Morris 1987: 21). The human species continue to

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1 - 2 of 2 (1 pages)
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