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Two: Thinking Critically: A History and Conceptual Examination of Fashion Branding

Joseph H. Hancock

Source: Brand Story. Cases and Explorations in Fashion Branding, 2nd Edition, 2016, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

New ads began to appear showing clothing that reflected the current fashion, with each advertisement trying to vie for the almighty dollar. At this time the French philosopher Roland Barthes suggested that advertising was creating a new level of existence for fashion. Barthes developed a theory that has since been called “The Fashion System,” which states that a garment is present at three distinct levels: the real garment or actual thing; the terminological garment, which signifies the basic ter

Baudrillard, Jean

Efrat Tseëlon

Source: The Berg Companion to Fashion, 2010, Berg Fashion Library

Encyclopedia entry

Initially, Baudrillard argued that when products move from the realm of function (reflecting use value and exchange value) to the realm of signification (reflecting sign value), they become carriers of social meaning. Specifically, they become “objects.” Baudrillard’s notion of sign value is based on an analogy between a system of objects (commodity) and a system of sign (language). He applied Ferdinand de Saussure’s structural linguistics to the study of fashion, media, ideologies, and images. I

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