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Minor Fabrications

Deborah E. Young

Source: Swatch Reference Guide for Fashion Fabrics, 4th Edition, 2018, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter + STUDIO

The fabrics in this category are made without yarn. Without yarns, there is no organized structure or thread count. Because yarn construction is labor intensive, fabrics made without yarns offer significant cost savings over those made with yarns. Additionally, nonwoven fabrics are often softer and more elastic than their woven or even knitted counterparts. The fibers are blown onto a collection surface and held together by entanglement (or needlepunching), heat fusion (if thermoplastic), or adhe

Yohji Yamamoto, Fall/Winter 1992

Nadya Wang

Source: Fashion Photography Archive, 2015, Fashion Photography Archive


By now, recruiting models from all walks of life had become Yamamoto’s modus operandi, and for his fall/winter 1992 collection there were “real” people of a variety of ages and nationalities. The show provided looks that appeared to be for the cold outdoors, echoed in the rough, wooden planks that made up the runway. Outfits were made in fabrics suitable for keeping warm in the colder months, and completed with bold accessories such as big boots, knitted hats, and even eyepatches.

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