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Costa Rica

José F. Blanco

Source: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Latin America and the Caribbean, 2005, Berg Fashion Library

Encyclopedia entry

The earliest human settlements in Costa Rica probably date to between 12000 and 8000 b.c.e. Established sedentary villages appeared between 8000 and 4000 b.c.e., while organized cultures likely developed around 500 c.e. Basketry, twining, and netting date back to 5000 b.c.e., and loom weaving has been traced to around 1800 b.c.e. Jade carving was widely practiced in the area, but carvings were also created with quartz, serpentine, and slate. Metallurgical work in gold and copper was widespread. C

Visualizing Difference: The Rhetoric of Clothing in Colonial Spanish America

Mariselle Meléndez

Source: The Latin American Fashion Reader, 2005, Berg Fashion Library

Book chapter

Walter Mignolo observes that the lack of writing along with the lack of clothing and cannibalism constituted three crucial elements often used in the construction of Amerindian images: “Not having it yet or having it in excess were two cognitive moves used by Europeans in constructing the identity of the self-same by constructing at the same time, the image of the other” (Mignolo 1992: 312). Written as well as visual texts usually contrasted the nakedness of the indigenous people with the presenc

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1 - 2 of 2 (1 pages)
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