A Practical Guide to Fashion Law and Compliance Cover Image

A Practical Guide to Fashion Law and Compliance


Deanna Clark-Esposito

978-1-5013-2291-4 (online)
978-1-5013-2289-1 (paperback)
978-1-5013-2290-7 (epdf)
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“This book provides a fresh approach to building a fashion business. I believe that both academics and startup businesses would find this book useful.” Karen Edwards, University of South Carolina, USA

“I think that this text will be very useful to anyone working in fashion. I would certainly recommend it as reference reading to MBA students and to undergraduates who are taking entrepreneurship courses.” Thomai Serdari, New York University, USA

Learn how to protect your business through prevention with a fashion compliance program. The book takes a merchandise-centric “how-to” approach. It explains the laws related to fashion compliance including, labeling, marketing, testing, importing and exporting, record keeping, and more. Written by a fashion-law expert, the book includes interviews with professionals and discusses the European Union apparel label law, as well as relevant United States’ laws, to help you run your fashion business.