2nd Edition

Janace E. Bubonia

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JAN 12, 2017
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Apparel Production Terms and Processes defines materials and terms relating to the mass production of raw materials, design and product development, garment details and component parts, fit, patternmaking, pre-production operations, assembly, production and manufacturing, labeling regulations, testing and quality control, inspection, finishing and packaging. In this revised edition, parts have been introduced to clarify the relationships between each step in the production process and chapters have been reorganized to better follow the flow of the supply chain. Each chapter opens with a brief introduction followed by terms that are listed alphabetically and grouped according to subject by use or application.

New to this Edition
- New chapter on Sizing and Fit covers sizing standards, fit types, and evaluation of fit
- Added coverage of safety compliance, sourcing, quality control, and common fabric and garment defects
- Enhanced global focus includes labeling regulations for the US, Canada, EU, China and Japan
- Covers new technologies such as 3D printing, seamless garments, stitchless seams, and equipment

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Teaching Resources
- New Instructor’s Guide provides sample syllabi, teaching strategies for a range of courses, video links, sample activites and projects, and learning outcomes for each chapter
- Test Bank includes sample test questions for each chapter
- Image bank offers a selection of photos for instructors to integrate into their lecture materials

This bundle includes Apparel Production Terms and Processes, 2nd Edition and Apparel Production Terms and Processes STUDIO Access Card.

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