Maurizio Baldassari

Katy Conover

Designer Biography

DOI: 10.5040/9781474260428-FPA071

Considered one of the leading menswear designers, little is known about the life of Maurizio Baldassari. Born in 1936 in Liguria, Italy, Baldassari began working for the famous Italian department store, La Rinascente, in 1957 as a buyer and consultant until 1975. He then left to work as a design consultant for various fashion companies as well as the Italian Fashion Committee branch of the Textile and Clothing Industries. In 1983 he launched his first menswear line, adding a lingerie line in 1988 and finally a women’s line in 1989. Also, in 1989, Baldassari’s company was registered as owned by Maralunga S.R.L. At present, it is still owned by this company, as referenced on Baldassari’s website.

His designs in the 1980s had a reputation of, in the words of journalist Peter Fressola, “ruin[ing] perfectly tailored and richly fabricated suits with ridiculously unnecessary buttons, gatherings and darts.” However, by the 1990s, Baldassari was considered a conservative designer, especially when the company decided to expand to women’s tailoring. His sons, Roberto and Renato, joined the company (at an unnamed date), which has remained based in Milan.

In 2002 he started a joint venture with the Judger Group, out of China. For 2012, the company tried to appeal to a younger market by adding a video to YouTube looking at the making of the “A Weekend in Venice” collection, showing “candid” shots mixed with more formal shots from the photo shoot to promote his spring/summer collection of 2012.

Currently, Baldassari is influencing the Asian fashion market, promoting the Italian fashion ideal. However, this connection is not mentioned on the label’s website; rather, the focus remains on its “pure Italian expression.”

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