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Textiles: Fibers and Fabrics

Elaine Stone and Sheryl A. Farnan

Source: The Dynamics of Fashion, 5th Edition, 2018, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter + STUDIO

A fiber—an extremely fine, hairlike strand almost invisible to the eye—is the smallest element of a fabric. It is also the starting point of a fabric. Fibers can be spun or twisted into continuous threads called yarn, and yarns can be knitted, woven, or bonded into fabrics. Though small and fine, fibers have enormous influence on fashion. They are what give a fabric its color, weight, texture, and durability.

Transition: Student to Professional Designer

Linda Tain

Source: Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers. Fourth Edition, 4th Edition, 2018, Fairchild Books Library

Book chapter

Intern, Calvin KleinCalvin Klein

Polo Shirt, Ralph Lauren, Spring/Summer 1999

Jaclyn Pyper

Source: Fashion Photography Archive, 2015, Fashion Photography Archive


An item of clothing with its origins in sportswear, the polo shirt (also known as the golf shirt or tennis shirt) has since been adopted by many designers and included in catwalk collections. The roots of the polo shirt can be traced to polo players in the late 1800s, and the style was later adapted for the tennis courts by René Lacoste in the 1920s. A symbol of preppy, collegiate style by the latter half of the twentieth century, the polo shirt continues to be used and adapted by designers, ofte

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1 - 3 of 3 (1 pages)
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