Featured Content: The Roaring Twenties


Just as roaring twenties style was heavily influenced by the significant cultural, social and artistic developments of its time, the start of our own twenties decade has been marked by seismic societal and cultural changes. These shifts are being reflected increasingly in the fashion industry, as designers, suppliers and consumers rapidly adjust to life during a pandemic.

This period has forced a degree of reflection about the past and future of fashion, and in particular the question of whether the global outbreak presents an opportunity or a threat to sustainable practices.

Our featured content this month explores the twenties then and now, from the shockingly short dresses of Jazz Age flappers, to the place of sustainability and innovation in the new decade of fashion.

Join us back in the 1920s and discover articles on the influence of American jazz on twenties’ style, the characteristics of Art Nouveau and Art Deco design and a selection of vibrant runway images showcasing twenties-inspired garments such as those in Guy LaRoche’s Fall/ Winter 1994 collection. Then look forward with us to sustainable fashion in the modern era – including a business case on the strategic partnership between Adidas and Parley for the Oceans to tackle plastic waste in the oceans and an image of a Naturevsfuture® dress made of eco-friendly fibers.

The Berg Fashion Library has also seen its own decade of developments, as we mark ten years of its global coverage of dress and costume, looking beyond trends to present the impact of dress and fashion on people living in a diverse range of cultures. Explore the many cultural contexts of human dress and adornment, including articles on carnaval costume in Brazil, street style in South Korea, disability from a clothing perspective, and fashion contests in the Soviet Union.



Fashion Plate: Le Judgement de Paris


Paco Rabanne Fall/Winter 1995


Fashion Revolution Week, 20th-26th April 2020:


Brandwho: image of person holding sign saying "who made my clothes?"

Image Credit: Brandwho


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