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Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses

Coming spring 2024

Cutting-edge masterclasses from industry innovators: get to grips with digital fashion

Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses brings together unique video masterclasses from industry innovators giving you extensive insider expertise. Accompanied by written case studies, this collection is designed to enhance your teaching and studies.

Created by The Digital Fashion Group, the video masterclasses explore all aspects of digital technology and include a diverse range of key people at the forefront of digital fashion. Organisations that feature include The Fabricant, Ilona Song, PlatformE, Unspun, and Maison Taskin.

Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses explores the full fashion value chain while covering topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, digital solutions, digital design, digital transformation, and more. Accompanying case studies contextualise the videos, incorporating key learning outcomes, business questions, and teaching notes.

The collection will take its place as part of Bloomsbury Fashion Central and will be fully cross-searchable with the rest of the platform. Find out more about this coherent, detailed and unique way to access digital fashion.

Bloomsbury Historic Dress in Detail

Coming autumn 2024

Bringing the history of dress to life for students through beautifully crafted videos using historically accurate period costume.

Bloomsbury Historic Dress in Detail will provide high-quality content on the history of dress. The collection centers on exclusive videos with complimentary resources and articles, ideal for teaching and study. They explore historical context and materials, fastenings and garment details, how garments were made, and how they were worn.

Features and benefits

  • Watch immersive videos exploring garments, both menswear and womenswear, in detail across a vast historical timeline aimed specifically at an academic audience
  • The videos are from Crow's Eye Productions, who have created films and media content for exhibitions and displays focusing on meticulously researched costume.
  • Get practical advice with learning material videos on how to research historic dress and how to create garments without patterns
  • Delve deeper by reading accompanying articles which provide key historical background as well as primary and secondary source lists to aid further research and study
  • Topics include Roman, Tudor, Regency, Victorian and Modernist dress as well as workers in the 1850s, many of which are perfectly aligned to designing costume for performance.

The collection will take its place as part of Bloomsbury Fashion Central and will be fully cross-searchable with the rest of the platform.